Top Tips for Better IT Support

Top Tips for Better IT Support
Top Tips for Better IT Support
It can be incredibly frustrating when your computer turns blank and you're faced with the blue screen of death. But by following a few simple tips before you make your call and while you're on the phone will make sure that you get the best possible outcome from your IT support.
Before Your Call
• Restart the computer. You'd be surprised at how many problems can be solved with just a quick restart, so just give it a go before you make that call. Plus, support is likely to tell you to restart it anyway.
• Reproduce the problem. Whatever the problem is, whether your computer is making strange noises, not letting you open the internet or is failing to display word documents, make sure that you know exactly which steps you took to create that problem and that you can duplicate it, so that support can walk you through steps needed to remedy the problem. Plus, it it's a one-off, there's not really any need to call IT support in the first place!
During the Call
• Be descriptive and give the tech support guy a bit of context. You don't have to use all of the jargon (in fact, unless you know what you're talking about, don't try to use the jargon!), but if you're using words like “thingie” you're not really going to get any help. Write everything down that has happened, step by step, and use the correct words or if you don't know the correct words, describe the object or action. As for the context, if there have been powercuts in your local area, or if you recently downloaded a new program or operating system, it's worth mentioning it on the call - it might not seem relevant, but it most probably is. Plus, if the support guy asks whether you've downloaded anything or visited any sites, don't lie - they'll find out eventually and the problem could be solved far more quickly if you're honest.
• Do what they tell you to do. It might seem like a really long-winded way of going about fixing the problem, but unfortunately that's just the way it goes sometimes. If you don't follow the steps, chances are you'll have to start the whole process all over again, so it makes sense to just follow the steps in the beginning.
• Be nice and be patient. Sometimes, problems will take a really long time to fix. That's not your fault, nor is it the fault of the person you're on the phone with. Accept that the problem might take an hour or even more to fix and be nice! Tech support might not know the answer to your question right away. It's a bit like your doctor diagnosing an illness, as they'll exclude problems before coming up with a diagnosis, so give them time and accept that you might have to try a few methods before your computer can be fixed.
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